Refund Policy

Return Policy

In case you are not content with our service, we are always there for your assistance. If any purchase you have made through have not entirely satisfied you, our return policy covers your distress.


You have 7 calendar days in order to return the product from the date of purchase. To be acceptable for a return, the product mustn’t have been used and must be in the original condition as you received it. The product must be in original packaging and requires the receipt you received during your purchase for proof of purchase.


As soon as we receive the product, we will observe it and notify you that the product is well received. If the refund is approved, you can shop through Kapsule9 for other same priced items of your choice anytime according to your preference. You can also purchase product of higher budget by adding the surplus amount. We provide you with this privilege since doesn’t offer cash back policy.


It will be your sole responsibility to pay for the shipping charge during the return of the product. In the case that after receiving the product you do not prefer it or wish to exchange it with other product/s, the shipping charge is non-refundable. But if the company bears the responsibility of damaged or lower quality product, the shipping charge is waived during the exchange.

If you have any queries/confusions about our return policy, you can contact us.



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